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At LibertyMedx, we formulate comprehensive solutions that will benefit your business by helping you increase revenue, decrease spending, improve customer service & customer satisfaction, while building a team-oriented environment. We are highly skilled in generating a myriad of services that will produce positive results that are long-lasting. Our experienced consultants can implement a strategic plan to market and promote your business through various mediums, train your staff to increase productivity, and produce evaluative tools to improve staff performance & quality assurance. We can also assist you with achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance for your organization.


Engagement consists of 4 Phases


We begin with visiting you for a free consultation to discuss your company, goals, and issues. We would then move forward to the next phase if we both decide to do so.


This is followed by a short diagnostic phase, where we work with you and your staff to gather necessary information to make an objective assessment. Then we report our findings and propose a quality solution.


Once this solution is accepted, we begin an action phase and work with you to roll-out the desired improvement.


After the roll-out, we will initiate a follow up schedule.

consulting services

Some of the Services We Offer

Recommend revenue enhancements

Recommend cost-saving measures

Recommend billable ancillary services

Enhance company profile through various mediums

Ongoing operations management services

Recruit key staff


Onsite IT

Develop & implement office performance improvement protocols and procedures.

Facility redesign and

Evaluate and improve office workflow efficiency from front-end to back-end

Medical Scribe

Experienced Consultants

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